About us


Rock Solid recycles industrial residues and especially those originating from waste-to-energy plants. This residue is called incinerator bottom ash (IBA). With more than 25 years of experience in the processing and upgrading of incinerator bottom ash, Rock Solid represents a reliable partner for sustainable, innovative and – not least – cost-effective solutions.

Rock Solid specialises in the development of new residue treatment and upgrading processes. To this end, our working field is not limited to residues from waste-to-energy plants, but alsofrom other industries, such as steel mills, sewage incineration plants, coal-fired power plants and biomass energy plants. In short: all mineral residues from thermal processes. Rock Solid converts the residues into raw materials that can be used for other industrial purposes.

The team of Rock Solid consists of an enthusiastic group of specialists whose combination of practical experience and theoretical know-how enables them to provide turnkey solutions.

Needless to say, when it comes to the processing and useful application of residues, Rock Solid is au fait with all the latest statutory regulations at national and international level. Not only do we look at the current situation, but also at future policies and statutory regulations that are likely to come into effect. Through participation in various committees responsible for setting out the regulations about residue processing, we can consolidate both our future position as well as that of our clients.


Rock Solid is a member of the Dutch Waste Management Association