Our team

Hans van Craaikamp

Director and co-owner of Rock Solid BV. Hans has more than 45 years of experience in road construction and recycling from his civil engineering background and in particular the use of incinerator bottom ash (IBA). Hans is mainly responsible for our markets in the Netherlands, Germany and US market.

Peter Bleeker

Director and co-owner of Rock Solid BV. Peter, based on his knowledge on chemical technology, has been working for more than 25 years on quality improvement, certification and application of incinerator bottom ash (IBA). Peter is mainly responsible for R&D and our fast-growing English market.

Pieter Schaap

Pieter is responsible for the application of all European environmental and logistical regulations that apply to our business operations, based on his logistic experience and its environmental-technical expertise. Pieter is head of the business office and also responsible for the sale of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ben Visser

Ben has years of experience in managing civil engineering projects. As such, Ben supervises the our projects on the processing IBA and the quality controls that applies to these.

Erik Piek

Erik is responsible for planning all logistic operations within the activities of Rock Solid, such as the shipment of IBA from England, Ireland and Germany to the Netherlands. In addition, Erik also takes care of the transport of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals that Rock Solid produces from its operations to the end-users of these metals.

Meysam Qureyshi en Tenny Bregita

Meysam and Tenny are responsible for carrying out all non-ferrous analyzes both in the granulate and in the non-ferrous mixtures themselves. On the basis of their analyzes, our IBA-processing are controlled.

Stephanie van der Starre

Stephanie has extensive experience in the financial world. At Rock Solid she is responsible for the administration process as Head of Administration and works closely with our accountant. She also has the responsibility for our business insurances.

Monique van der Starre en Eliëtte Zomerdijk

Monique and Eliëtte are responsible for all bookings of incoming and outgoing invoices and the invoicing itself. They also provide secretarial work and general support the Rock Solid team.

Mark Wederell

As Director UK Mark is responsible for project implementation on our IBA-processing projects in Great Britain. Great Britain is a fast growing market for us, partly because of the acquisitions made by Mark.

Jurjen Dijk

Jurjen is responsible for all project administration. Based on his work invoicing and project cost calculations are carried out.