What we do

Rock Solid provides the missing link between residues and secondary raw materials. In order to complete the recycling programme, we develop, organise and manage the entire process. From residue handling, logistics, recycling and upgrading, to certification and quality assurance. To this end, the focus is on the material, the residue produced or the secondary raw material required.

After an exploratory analysis, which helps to define the requirements and specifications, Rock Solid is able to come up with a customised solution for one, several or all steps of the process (from production to final application).

Our insight into the entire process enables Rock Solid to provide reliable and conventional solutions in addition to innovative upgrading methods.

General approach

In processing residues, Rock Solid maximises their value whilst taking their original characteristics into account. Rock Solid effectuates the following applications depending on residues’ characteristics:

  • Direct use, as a replacement for primary raw materials
  • Upgrading, followed by replacement of primary raw materials

If upgrading is essential, an analysis of the necessary technologies will be made. For example, this might be through dry processing, wet processing, bio-gradation, immobilisation or by the addition of additives. Furthermore, we find out a location where the upgrading can be carried out: this might be a production site, a depot, a processing plant or the end-user’s site. In order to verify and guarantee the quality and the application, Rock Solid carries out quality controls and certification in line with the European CE marking or other specific guidelines.


Residue ‘upgrading’ is changing the chemical and/or physical properties of the residue. By making residues suitable for other applications, an added value is created. This includes, for example:

  • Reduction in overall processing costs
  • Environmental quality improvements
  • Separation/extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

In order to determain the required upgrading technique, Rock Solid analyses the specific characteristics of the residue, on the basis of which the best upgrading technology is selected.

Rock Solid has gained experience with a various upgrading technologies, including crushing, screening, washing, bio-gradation, stabilisation and immobilisation. These technologies enable Rock Solid to upgrade different residues to a raw materials.

Residue broker

Rock Solid is able to arrange both the collection and delivery of the raw materials, independent on where these originate or where they will be used. Therefore, we look after all aspects regarding statutory regulations, logistics, EWSR permits and quality controls. As a result of extensive experience and open communication in the field, Rock Solid has built up good working relationships with its customers and the statutory authorities.

Rock Solid is fully familiar with the production industries and their requirements in respect of raw materials. This expertise enables us to determine the best method of application for a specific mineral residue. As broker, Rock Solid aims at building a long-term relationship with our clients. We provide an added value for residue application and try to find even better quality processing alternatives.