ICL Fertilizers Europe (ICL) and Rock Solid are collaborating to use nutrient-containing residues as raw materials in the production of fertiliser. Ash from biomass energy production (on the basis of sewage sludge, poultry manure and wood) is potentially suitable as a raw material for fertiliser production. The expertises of both companies complement each other in this project.

Nutrients are essential for all life on earth. The demand for it has been growing rapidly as a result of an increasing world population. This is not just for food production purposes, but also for biomass production, which is playing an increasingly important role in energy supply. In the current situation, nutrient demand is mainly provided by primary materials. However, these materials are finite and if no alternative can be found, future generations may not be able to meet their basic food requirements.

Forecasts show that natural supplies of phosphates are only sufficient for the next 50 to 300 years. Residues of biomass energy production often contain high concentrations of primary nutrients,. These residues are not currently used in the nutrient lifecycle, but dumped or subjected to low-grade processing. With the new recycling technology used by ICL and Rock Solid the material cycle can be closed and recycling taken to a new level.