Incinerator bottomash


The largest amount of residue after the incineration process is incinerator bottom ash. This is a mixture of materials whose upgrading can be divided into three categories: metals, aggregates and non-incinerated materials. The metals and aggregates recovered are recycled and the non-incinerated materials brought back to the waste-to-energy plant for reprocessing.

To optimise separation of materials and to high-quality aggregates, Rock Solid uses mobile upgrading plants. The benefits of this are:

  • flexible operations
  • not tied to a single location
  • the possibility of combining ash from various installations
  • constant possibility of quality improvement.

The use of mobile plants also makes it possible to upgrade smaller amounts of incinerator bottom ash to aggregates. This we do together with a partner who has the capability to extract higher percentages of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and so produce cleaner aggregates. For further upgrading of aggregates, Rock Solid has been developing new technologies which enables us to convert incinerator bottom ash into a freely available building material.