Additives for concrete

Right from the start, Rock Solid has aimed at taking the reprocessing of Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) to a higher level.

An example that illustrates this, is the initiative the founders of Rock Solid took in 2008 to create a so-called CUR committee, that has conducted research into the use of WTEP granulate in concrete together with universities, research institutes and the concrete industry (CUR no. 116).

The criteria that were established at the time which WTEP granulates should meet for safe application in concrete (BRL 2507), still apply. Partly on the initiative of Rock Solid, the scope of the BRL 2507 guideline is currently extended to ensure that the concrete in which WTEP granulates have been added, is still up to par after the demolition phase, the second phase.

The WTEP granulates produced by Rock Solid have been certified and comply fully with the set standards.

Our WTEP granulates have been certified in accordance with BS EN 12620 and BRL 2507 (based on CUR recommendation 116 and NEN-EN 12620) 

The WTEP granulates can be effectively used in products such as the following:

  • Paving tiles
  • Stelcon panels
  • Lego brick
  • Etc.

We gladly advise you about the responsible environmental and civil engineering applications of our WTEP granulate.

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Energy from waste

After an initial sorting cycle, non-reusable domestic waste and mixed industrial waste is incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant (WTEP). The incineration produces energy that can be used immediately to heat dwellings and businesses.

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