Landfill site Wieringermeer, owned by Afvalzorg, has been given a sustainable second life. Energiezorg, a cooperation between Afvalzorg and HVC, has put up a total of over 11,000 solar panels.

Solar park Wieringermeer, measuring close to 37,000 m2, has been built on the closed section of the landfill site. This project uses the sustainable foundation Solarbase, that has been developed by Afvalzorg and Rock Solid. Rock Solid is a solution to safely found solar panels at landfill sites, on dikes and on sound barriers.

The 11,000 solar panels will jointly generate more than 3 million kWh of electricity per year. This electricity will be fed into the grid. The total yield encompasses the annual use over 1,000 households. The solar panels with an output of approx. 3.20 Megawatt peak will achieve a reduction of CO2 gas emission of 1,830 tons. This is the first step towards a largescale solar park. It is the intention to expand the solar park to 14 ha in the coming years.

  • Period: 2017-2018
  • Tons supplied: 50.000
  • Material: SolarBase
  • In cooperation with: Afvalzorg

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From domestic waste to new raw materials

Since its establishment in 2006, Rock Solid has been a key player the Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) market. Applying bottom ash as a building material in groundwork and civic engineering projects results both in a reduction of the use of natural raw materials and in a cost reduction for contractors and waste-to-energy plants.

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