This 800-metre-long rampart made of bottom ash has been constructed on top of the VAM hill in the province of Drenthe.

The rampart shields the public and recreational section of the landfill site from the section that is used until 2033 by Attero to dispose of residuals that cannot be processed. Attero is responsible for executing the project together with Afvalzorg. The competent authority is the province of Drenthe. The rampart will consist of 2.5 million tons of bottom ash. After installation, this will be sealed with a special sand layer, a thick plastic film coating and a layer of upper soil. The height of the Dak van Drenthe is limited to 48 meters above surface level (63 meters above sea level). This is also the maximum height that is included in Attero’s permit. The construction of the rampart also means that there is a clear physical separation of the landfill site that Attero will use until 2033 to dispose residuals that cannot be processed.

In addition to the construction of het Dak van Drenthe the province of Drenthe has constructed a biking trail on the VAM hill. By doing so, the province of Drenthe attempts to maintain its position as the primary cycling province of the Netherlands. The biking trail is now in use.

  • Period: 2017-2020
  • Tons supplied: ca. 1.000.000
  • Material: AEC-bodemas
  • In cooperation with: Afvalzorg

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