Mineral residues from thermal industrial processes are generally considered waste materials. But not for Rock Solid: we see opportunities to produce new raw materials from waste. Mineral residues from waste-to-energy plants (WtE), steel mills, coal-fired power stations and other thermal processes are converted and recycled in order to be used in the following applications:

  • in the road building and construction industry
  • in the concrete and asphalt industries
  • in landfill constructions
  • in the production of fertilisers

We offer turnkey solutions: from logistics – via upgrading – to the application as a new raw material. Residues can be taken up at any point of the process. Depending on your wishes and requirements, we also offer partial solutions, including logistics, upgrading, quality control, certification, monitoring and application of raw materials.

Our team

Our team consists of a skilled, experienced and dedicated workforce which enables Rock Solid to find the very best solutions for your mineral residues. We look forward to partnering you and increase the value of your residues.

About us

Rock Solid recycles industrial residues and especially those originating from waste-to-energy plants. This residue is called incinerator bottom ash (IBA). With more than 25 years…

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What we do

Rock Solid provides the missing link between residues and secondary raw materials. In order to complete the recycling programme, we develop, organise and manage the…

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Rock Solid treats residues as new raw materials instead as end products. Rock Solid is able to produce raw materials from residues by using their…

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions so that industrial mineral residues can be transformed into valuable raw materials. In doing so, we always take…

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